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Collaborative Partnerships
Evidence-Based Practices
Respect for All
Good Food
Systemic Thinking


SuperShelf transforms food shelves, creating welcoming environments

for communities to access appealing, healthy food. 

Our aim at SuperShelf is for food shelf participants to access

healthy, culturally appropriate foods in the easiest and most

dignified way possible. Everything we do at SuperShelf, from our

methods to our standards, exists to ensure the best possible

experience for food shelf participants.

Driven by our Values

GOOD FOOD: We believe reliable access to healthy, appealing and culturally appropriate food will promote overall health in our communities.


RESPECT FOR ALL: We believe client-centered, welcoming, and positive approaches create dignified experiences that further equity in our communities.

COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS: We believe mutual trust and fully-engaged partners build strong, connected communities working toward sustainable systems change.

EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICES: We believe excellence comes from thoughtful, rigorous evaluations, and replicable solutions.


SYSTEMIC THINKING: We believe influencing policy and processes at all levels drives transformational change in our food system. 

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