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What We Do

Through partnerships, we transform food shelves to provide welcoming and respectful environments to access healthy food.

Using a multi-step systems change process, SuperShelf works with food shelves to:


  • Create a food shelf environment that is client centered, promoting and respecting individual choice

  • Increase access to a variety of healthy, culturally appropriate food

  • Apply behavioral economic principles promote healthy food choices

  • Create an appealing environment by transforming the physical space

  • Meet specific SuperShelf standards, methods, and values

  • Make the healthiest choice the easiest choice for all

Transforming Food Shelves

Measure Impact


Past work in transforming food shelves has lead us to receive an evaluation grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to evaluate the impact on the SuperShelf transformation on client's diet and health.

There are many "promising practices" for food shelves to create a health-nutrition focused space. The evaluation of our SuperShelf program through an NIH grant will allow us to establish best-practices, confirmed through scientific evaluation, for Minnesota and beyond. 

Learn more about our values or the sites we work with.

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