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Food shelves participating in the 2019 survey received their individual results via email and mail in summer 2020.



It is important as readers of this 2019 survey to note that these data were collected prior to the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic and do not reflect the potential impacts of COVID-19 on food shelf clients in 2020. Evidence from national data suggests that food insecurity has increased since the start of the pandemic*.

  • The "Top 5" foods remain more important than ever during the current economic and health crisis because they are higher nutritional value and more expensive.

  • Providing a welcoming environment is even more important to help people, especially first time food shelf users, feel comfortable asking for help, given the increased need many people are finding themselves in due to COVID-19.

  • A choice-based food distribution model (in whatever degree possible while also maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols) allows clients to choose foods that are important to them with dignity and respect.

*Schanzenbach, D. W., & A. Pitts. (2020). How much has food insecurity risen? Evidence from the Census Household Pulse Survey. Institute for Policy Research Rapid Research Report. https://www.ipr.northwestern.edu/documents/reports/ipr-rapid-researchreports-pulse-hh-data-10-june-2020.pdf


Key Takeaways from the 2019 Statewide Food Shelf Client Survey 

  • Healthy foods, including fresh fruits and veggies, continue to be in demand and clients know how to prepare them. 

  • The “Top 5” foods clients told us they wanted in 2019 are meat and other proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, eggs, and cooking and baking supplies; which are the same top 5 foods that clients requested in 2017. These foods are often available, but not frequently enough; there is still more work to be done to provide them reliably.

  • A good client experience is about more than just providing food, it also means providing services in a welcoming and dignified manner. Providing a positive client experience is an area that needs further improvement. 

  • Despite the great work happening in the hunger relief sector today, clients still face significant food insecurity and need to make budget trade-offs between food & other basic needs. 

Are you a food shelf that participated and did not get your results? 

We had a number of survey packets returned to us without identification information. If you participated in late 2019 and do not have your results, please be in touch to bohe0006@umn.edu

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